If you are lucky enough to spend Christmas in Paris you will be delighted by this magical city. The aroma of vin chaud and roasting chestnuts fills the air and millions of fairy lights sparkle. Paris embraces winter and at Christmas comes alive in many different ways for you to explore and enjoy.

On Christmas day it doesn’t close down either like many other cities around the world. The public transport still works and many of the restaurants are open. There are even some museums that you can visit.

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Paris Globe

How to spend Christmas in Paris

Christmas lights

The City of light becomes a fairyland over this period.  A good way to see the lights is to ride on the big wheel on the Place de la Concorde for amazing views of Jardin des Tuileries and the Champs-Elysées.

More than 125 squares and streets are lit up during the holidays and many more are beautifully decorated for the festive season.

The store windows are stunning and no visit to Paris would be complete without visiting my favourite store Galeries Lafayette to see the legendary Christmas lights and decorations in this beautiful art nouveau masterpiece.


Christmas in Paris: #paris #christmas #whattosee #france #europe t #travel #travelblog #travelguide #tips #attractions #sightseeing #foodies #decorations #xmas #lights #decorations
Galeries Lafayette at Xmas

Window shopping

The big department stores all compete for the best window displays. The 3 main stores to visit are Galeries Lafayette, Printemps, and Le Bon Marché. Adults and children alike are entranced by the magical displays of animation and whimsy. There are even steps provided for toddlers to get a closer look.


The Paris Christmas Guide: #paris #christmas #whattosee #france #europe t #travel #travelblog #travelguide #tips #attractions #sightseeing #foodies #decorations #xmas #lights #decorations
Christmas windows

Explore the Christmas markets

There are a number of marchés de Noël (Christmas markets) to explore. My favourite sprawls along the Champs-Elysées. Halfway along there is a food market selling regional specialities from all over France. It is a foodie’s delight and we went back 3 times to try different dishes. If we had more time we would have gone back again! What could be better than the finest gourmet goodies the country has to offer all in one market?

If you are looking for unique Christmas gifts then you will find more than enough to choose from here. You will find any number of interesting stalls selling fabulous items and trinkets.

The market is set up around mid-November and continues until 1 January. Generally, about 16 million visitors enjoy this market in six weeks but having said that it never felt overcrowded.

There are also markets around Saint-Germain-des-Prés and in front of Notre-Dame in the weeks leading up to Christmas day.


The Paris Christmas Guide: #paris #christmas #whattosee #france #europe t #travel #travelblog #travelguide #tips #attractions #sightseeing #foodies #decorations #xmas #lights #decorations

Ice skating 

Numerous skating rinks spring up in winter. There is even an option skate on a rink in the Eiffel tower high above the city. You will find other rinks at the base of the Eiffel Tower, Parvis de L’Hotel de Ville, and the main hall of the beautiful Belle Epoque Grand Palais.


Shop for chocolate

The chocolatiers in Paris are famous for their amazing creations. At Christmas, they pull out all the stops. Treat yourself to something special, but don’t forget you could have a chocolat chaud (hot chocolate) as well.

One of the best I had in Paris was at Ladurée. It is nothing like ordinary hot chocolate. It is rich, decadent, indulgent and velvety with a hint of bitterness to taste, oh and it is very moreish! It’s not the cheapest hot chocolate in town, but in my opinion, it is definitely the best.


The Paris Christmas Guide: #paris #christmas #whattosee #france #europe t #travel #travelblog #travelguide #tips #attractions #sightseeing #foodies #decorations #xmas #lights #decorations
Xmas chocolates


Have a Christmas meal somewhere special


We treated ourselves to a couple of special meals when we were in Paris. Christmas Eve, we had dinner at L’Atelier De Joel Robuchon a Michelin starred restaurant on the Champs-Elysées. We were seated at a bar counter, looking into the area where the food was being prepared. It was like live theatre watching the chefs working and the food was incredible. This was one of my favourite meals ever!

We had Christmas lunch in a restaurant in the Eiffel Tower. There are 2 restaurants to choose from and we opted for the less formal 58 Tour Eiffel. What a view to enjoy while you have your lunch! It certainly was memorable.

If you are planning a special meal then it is advisable to book as early as possible as it can be difficult to secure a reservation over the holidays.


The Paris Christmas Guide: #paris #christmas #whattosee #france #europe t #travel #travelblog #travelguide #tips #attractions #sightseeing #foodies #decorations #xmas #lights #decorations
Xmas at Joel Rouberchon

More inspiration: My foodie guide to Paris


Oysters anyone?

France produces more than 150 000 metric tonnes of oysters each year and almost all of the production is eaten in France.

If you want to be part of the local scene go to Le Dome (Picasso’s favourite haunt) or Le Baron Rouge where they serve freshly shucked oysters on Saturdays and Sundays.

Oysters are as traditional in France as Turkey is in the USA so make the most of the beautiful fresh oysters accompanied by a glass of chilled champagne, naturellement.


The Paris Christmas Guide: #paris #christmas #whattosee #france #europe t #travel #travelblog #travelguide #tips #attractions #sightseeing #foodies #decorations #xmas #lights #decorations

Chestnuts & Vin Chaud

When I think about Paris at Christmas the first thing that comes to mind is the smell of chestnuts roasting wherever you go. On a cold day, it’s the perfect snack while you wander around the city.

My husband’s favourite is the hot wine or vin chaud. It has notes of honey, orange and cinnamon and is his solution for keeping the cold at bay. It is a little too sweet for me but it is delicious.


The Paris Christmas Guide: #paris #christmas #whattosee #france #europe t #travel #travelblog #travelguide #tips #attractions #sightseeing #foodies #decorations #xmas #lights #decorations
Roasted chestnuts



You can’t spend Christmas in Paris and not eat pastries or any of the other seasonal treats!  The Bûche de Noël (Yule log) is everywhere. The city’s pastry chefs show just how creative they can really be at Christmas and the windows groan temptingly. There are limited edition cakes, macarons, pralines and divine pastries. It was just as well we walked miles every day to at least try to burn off some of the calories we consumed trying many of these delicious morsels


The Paris Christmas Guide: #paris #christmas #whattosee #france #europe t #travel #travelblog #travelguide #tips #attractions #sightseeing #foodies #decorations #xmas #lights #decorations


Living in the southern hemisphere Christmas is in summer so the cooler weather was welcome. Do you know what I enjoy most about Christmas in Paris? Simply just wandering around soaking up the atmosphere, especially along the banks of the Seine and the tiny cobbled streets. There is no doubt that Paris has me under its magical spell and I can’t wait to go back.

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  1. Just today I was trying to plan where to go this Christmas. I found out I have a few days off from work and I’ve never had a white snowy Christmas till now, it’s on my bucket list. Would love to see some Xmas markets, seems like Paris is a good option. Thanks for sharing x

  2. It is amazing the way you have covered food and decoration items in Paris for Christmas. Here in India, there are a lot of bakery stores that have amazing shopping items around Christmas. But with christmas coming up in a couple of months, I am sure a lot of people will refer to your post and might even plan a christmas vacation to Paris! Who knows?

  3. Truly, Paris has so much to offer. I love how the magical lights during Christmas season and would love to take a lot of photos of them. I also love that it has so much food to try. I wouldn’t get tired to amble around as well. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  4. I have visited magical Paris twice and each time loved the city more. Now saw Christmas magic of Paris through your post. Loved it.

  5. Christmas in Paris is so pretty with the twinkly lights and everyone is feeling festive. I’ve not tried L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon in Paris, but have tried the one in the UK which is excellent. The macarons from Paris are divine! If I visit Paris again, I might have a go at the ice skating!

  6. Christmas in Paris is indeed a sight to be envied. I always wanted to go to Paris but have not been able to decide which part of the year to go to. You have given me a very good suggestion. Thank you and keep on posting!

  7. I have always heard about Christmas in Paris is amazing. This Christmas i am looking forward to visit Paris 🙂

  8. Over the years as I’ve traveled I’ve been lucky enough to spend Christmas in some amazing places like Sydney, Queenstown, Vietnam, Bogota but I can imagine Christmas in Paris being something totally special. Reading through this post it’s making me want to spend Xmas there this year haha 😀

  9. I can see that during Christmas Paris gets a little bit like London, with beautiful lights everywhere and majestic wind displays. The food however can’t be compared, Paris will always win.

    • I agree with you, even though the food in London is great it is totally different. I guess that is why we travel 🙂

  10. This is quite a colorful and festive side of Paris. I have not been privvy to it before. As it is Paris is magical, this makes it even more so. Loved your pictures of the season.

    • Thank you so much! Paris is really beautiful at any time of the year. but especially at Christmas.

  11. OH you are making me want to TRAVEL!! This truly looks magical. Paris is definitely on my must-go-to-places list, thanks for showing me another side of the city!


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