If you are planning a solo trip and are still uncertain about taking the leap we have some great tips for travelling solo in India. Rajasthan is a great place to start your Indian solo travel experience. Walk down the alleys, enjoy natural attractions, go on a safari and experience the local culture. With friendly people and decent accommodation options, it is easy and safe to travel solo.

The best tips for travelling solo in India

Where to go?

Choose destinations that are busy and bustling with people. Although there are many secluded spots in India it is better to avoid them if you are travelling alone. If you really want to visit the less populated attractions rather join a tour group. Choose the main cities for accommodation rather than smaller villages that involve travelling to get to the main sights. Common activities for tourists like going to the beach, visiting palaces and forts, elephant rides, camel safaris and national parks are your safest bet.


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Taj Mahal


Great planning is never a waste of time and goes a long way towards making your trip more enjoyable. Learn about the destinations you are about to visit. You need to know where the main areas are and what the best places are to stay as a solo traveller. Read reviews before you book to see if it’s a good choice for you. Be aware of your surroundings.  Research the best places to visit and ask locals for advice when you arrive.

Pre-book as much as possible. You could book hotel rooms, guides, taxis and any tours that you want to do. It will make your life much easier when you arrive. If you visit India during the high season there is a good chance that the accommodation you like will be booked and late bookings will be expensive. Check your flight arrival time. If you arrive in the middle of the night, you might better be off with the pre-booked taxis in the airport or staying at an airport hotel.

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Plan in advance

Be Alert

India is generally a hospitable country, but like anywhere in the world, not everyone is honest. Anyone will help you with basic information like directions.  Do not accept help from strangers who offer to carry your luggage for you or offer to show you around. Hire professional guides if required. Always be alert as you are generally more of a target for scams when you are travelling solo.

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Ask questions

Off the beaten track

No matter what your gender it is better not to visit any unusual places at night. Tourist spots will be packed until late at night and you need not worry about these places. Keep up with the crowd. At any point, if you find yourself in an empty spot or road make your way back.

Expert travelling solo in India #india #solo #solotravel #solotips #travelling #traveller # solotraveler #travel #traveltips 17 Mar 2016
Deserted part of town

Be daring

The best part of travelling solo is that you need not worry whether a destination will suit the people who are travelling with you. Try to do as much as possible in one day. Enjoy street food, act like a local, take part in the culture and live like a local.

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Travelling solo in India – enjoy street food


If you are alone, you will probably spend less time in your hotel room. Do not spend a huge amount of money on accommodation. However, choose a decent place to stay. If you are planning to backpack, there are many places to suit your needs. Once again, research the accommodation.

Expert travelling solo in India #india #solo #solotravel #solotips #travelling #traveller # solotraveler #travel #traveltips
Hotel room

Adventure Activities

There are a lot of interesting adventure activities to do in India. You can zip-line, go hot air ballooning or go on a camel safari or elephant ride. These are just a few ideas. If you are interacting with animals please take part in an activity that treats their animals ethically.

Remember that sometimes, you might not be able to carry your bag or other items while you are on the adventure activities. It is better just to carry a wallet with you or a small daypack. Asking strangers to take care of your items is not a good idea and they might not be there when you return.

Expert travelling solo in India #india #solo #solotravel #solotips #travelling #traveller # solotraveler #travel #traveltips
Desert safari

Google Maps and other apps

Have some tourist apps available that will help you find your way wherever you are. Anything can happen so, be prepared to handle the situation. Many data providers offer packages for international travel with roaming facilities. Choose the one that suits your need. Do not rely on the Wi-Fi in your hotel room. You will not get lost while you are inside your room.

Expert travelling solo in India #india #solo #solotravel #solotips #travelling #traveller # solotraveler #travel #traveltips
Apps and maps

Being the odd one out

Are people staring at you? It is not because you are travelling alone. It is because you are different. Indians tend to give more attention to something that they do not see every day. Do not be afraid of attracting attention. Don’t attract negative attention by displaying items of value. If you are shopping for any valuable souvenirs go back to your hotel room and leave them in your bag before you begin your sightseeing. Do you own a Rolex watch? Are you wearing a diamond earring? Keep those at home, in your luggage or in the hotel safe. You do not have to be party-ready while you are scouring markets or sightseeing.

Expert travelling solo in India #india #solo #solotravel #solotips #travelling #traveller # solotraveler #travel #traveltips

If you follow these tips for travelling solo in India you will be well on the way to having an amazing time and have an enjoyable holiday in a country filled with culture and beauty.

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  1. We love traveling together as a couple. But sometimes traveling solo can be free’ing! Thanks for these tips! We totally agree wit the not going out at night tip. It makes sense, no matter who you are. Very true about visiting more busy places and planning ahead.

  2. I’ve only once visited India and I was by myself. I must admit I was terrified when I first arrived, but soon got used to the culture. You have provided some excellent advice here – I’d definitely make sure I only stayed somewhere well known in particular

  3. I generally travel with my hubby. But it was good to see travelling from a solo perspective. Good point about joining a tour group to visit less populated spots. We have stayed in some sketchy parts of town. I was always glad to be travelling with someone. Being alert is something we all have to be worried about. But travelling solo you don’t have the same kind of backup. I loved your point about people staring. I agree that most of the time it is because we look different from locals.

  4. These are great tips and relevant for solo travelers beyond India. Great advice about staring in India. It’s okay to be different, but don’t let the stares be due to what valuables you have on you. Planning ahead is key and it helps you be better prepared for anything.

  5. Love these tips. I get nervous that street food will upset my stomach. Did you have any problems or do you have any tips for ‘shy’ stomach’s?

  6. I’ve been to India but I was there with my parents and we had a guide. I’m not sure I would be able to do it on my own even though I love traveling solo. Great tips regardless – they can be used elsewhere too.

    • Most of the tips are fairly common sense and as you say can be applied wherever you travel. I am sure that you could visit solo, it’s just like anywhere else in the world, only a bit more frenetic 🙂

  7. India is definitely on my bucket list but I admit I am wary about travelling there alone. Having said that, most of the tips you mention apply to anywhere in the world – stick to busy areas, choose a decent place to stay, so perhaps I shouldn’t worry about going to India at all! It certainly is a beautiful country, to see the Taj Mahal would be incredible!

    • As long as you follow sensible precautions India is a perfectly safe place to travel to on your own. The Taj Mahal is breathtaking in real life and if it’s on your bucket list then you should go and see it! 🙂

  8. I appreciate knowing that Rajasthan is the place to begin if traveling to India solo! There’s so much to see, and things to do. I’d definitely go for some of the adventure options, like a good zip-line. Staying in good hotels and busy places is wise.

  9. Thanks for the great tips! India has always sounded so fascinating to me. Haven’t been yet, so these tips will be useful. Always good to get apps preloaded on your phone and good idea to plan ahead too to make sure you are in safe areas! Also not going out at night unless it’s a populated area is always a good tip too—totally agree!


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