There was so much that I wanted to do that I doubted that it would be possible to visit Venice in 3 days, but I was mistaken. We arrived in Venice late, on a foggy evening in December convinced that we would see nothing much with the fog set in. Finding our way from the vaporetto stop at St Mark’s Square, with the assistance of Google maps, was an eerie experience.  Our footsteps resounded off the walls. My imagination was in overdrive!  I kept looking over my shoulder waiting for something out of a Dan Browne novel to happen, naturally, nothing did.


How to spend 3 days in Venice. Here’s my 3 day city guide to Venice. #venice #italy #cityguide #sightseeing
Misty morning

How to visit Venice in 3 days

Day 1

We emerged from the Hotel Liassidi Palace, a beautifully restored 15th-century gothic palace to find that we were right on the San Lorenzo Canal.

How to spend 3 days in Venice. Here’s my 3 day city guide to Venice. #venice #italy #cityguide #sightseeing
Hotel Liassidi Palace Venice


Making our way to St. Mark’s Square I was fascinated by the number of shops selling masks and costumes for the carnival. Around the next corner, we came across a performer, in costume, posing obligingly for photographs.


How to spend 3 days in Venice. Here’s my 3 day city guide to Venice. #venice #italy #cityguide #sightseeing
Venice Carnival costume.


St Mark’s Basilica

St Mark’s is an iconic building one of the most visited sights in Venice. It was built in the 9th century and naturally, there are many stories and legends about it. It was originally built as a resting place of relics that had been stolen. In 828 merchants from Venice were exploring the world. On their travels they stole the body of St. Mark the Evangelist from Alexandria in Egypt and brought it back to Venice.

On the return voyage, there was a violent storm at sea and the ship carrying the bones was nearly lost. According to legend St Mark appeared to the captain and told him to lower the sails. They believed this miracle saved them from a certain death. The story is told on a 13th century mosaic above the left door at the entrance to the basilica.


How to spend 3 days in Venice. Here’s my 3 day city guide to Venice. #venice #italy #cityguide #sightseeing
St Mark’s Basilica


Caffè Florian

After gazing at the splendour of St. Mark’s Basilica, we had to warm up. It was a good excuse to go and try the hot chocolate at Caffè Florian, on the square, an institution in Venice since 1720. It is a baroque masterpiece and reputed to be the oldest coffee shop in the world. The interior is gilt, mirrored and ornate. It is well worth a visit just to enjoy the beautiful architecture. The waiter arrived with a silver tray of a bygone era, with my hot chocolate in a silver jug. It was rich, and decadent, just what we needed to face to cold.


How to spend 3 days in Venice. Here’s my 3 day city guide to Venice. #venice #italy #cityguide #sightseeing
Caffè Florian Venice


Doges Palace

Next stop was the  Doges Palace  also known as the Ducal Palace. The palace served as the Doge’s (ruler of Venice) residence, the palace of justice and the seat of government. The riches of the city are evident in the ornate rooms throughout the palace.


How to spend 3 days in Venice. Here’s my 3 day city guide to Venice. #venice #italy #cityguide #sightseeing
Doges Palace Ceiling


Bridge of Sighs

Built at the beginning of the 17th century the Bridge of Sighs connects the Doges Palace and the old prison so that convicts could go straight from the courts to the prison cells, or in some cases their execution. The prison also housed  Casanova, the legendary seducer.

The Bridge of Sighs got its name from Lord Byron in the 19th century, when he said that the condemned prisoners would “sigh” as they crossed the bridge, peering out for their last look at Venice.

It is one of the 400 bridges that cross the Venetian canals, but it is the only enclosed one.


How to spend 3 days in Venice. Here’s my 3 day city guide to Venice. #venice #italy #cityguide #sightseeing
Prison Cell Doges Palace Venice


After a busy day, I was looking forward to dinner. We splurged the first night and went to the wonderful Michelin starred restaurant Il Ridotto.   We both had the Menu di Terra e di Mare, which was 5 courses, all fresh and seasonal ingredients and a flavour bomb in every bite.


Day 2


Torre dell’Orologio 

This morning started with watery sunshine, and a perfect day for walking. The first stop was the Torre dell’Orologio . The southern clock faces towards St. Mark’s Square and is relatively simple. The northern clock face is beautiful. The outer marble ring is inscribed with Roman numerals. The inner circle is made up of a royal blue mosaic with scattered golden stars. Although we did not visit, it is possible to see the workings of the clock and visit a museum.


How to spend 3 days in Venice. Here’s my 3 day city guide to Venice. #venice #italy #cityguide #sightseeing
Astronomical clock Venice


Rialto Bridge

A brisk walk took us to the Rialto Bridge, one of the most famous bridges that cross the Grand Canal. The bridge was built 1588 and 1591. It originally housed the food market and that was our mission today. To track down great food, the market and cicchetti the small snacks, much like tapas, that are so popular in Venice.


Visit Venice in 3 days . #venice #italy #cityguide #sightseeing
Rialto Bridge Venice

After browsing the touristy shops on the bridge for a while, we headed to the market just beyond the foot of the bridge. I love wandering around and looking at the produce. It is always a good indication of what you should be ordering in restaurants to get the freshest seasonal ingredients in your meal.


How to spend 3 days in Venice. Here’s my 3 day city guide to Venice. #venice #italy #cityguide #sightseeing
Rialto Market Venice


By now we had worked up an appetite so we headed to All’Arco one of Venice’s favourite spots for Cicchetti. The display of treats is daunting, each one is more delicious than the next and beautifully presented. We had a quick snack and then went to find the best coffee in town.

According to sources, this was to be had at the Caffè Del Doge. They are an artisanal coffee roasting company. As we opened the door our senses were assaulted with a multitude of aromas. We stood at the bar, which is always cheaper than sitting at a table, and enjoyed 2 different coffees one after the other and soaked in the atmosphere.


How to spend 3 days in Venice. Here’s my 3 day city guide to Venice. #venice #italy #cityguide #sightseeing
Caffè Del Doge Venice


Next on the list of “Must Do’s” was a gondola ride. There were fewer gondolas around it being winter so the prices were far more reasonable than in the summer. As we cruised the backwaters, the stillness was evident. The voices and songs of the gondoliers bounced off the walls of the narrow canals surrounding us in song. It was a very special moment.

At the end of day 2, you will realise that this is a relaxing pace to visit Venice in 3 days. You can relax, have a long lunch and a couple of coffees along the way and still see many of the main attractions in the city.


How to spend 3 days in Venice. Here’s my 3 day city guide to Venice. #venice #italy #cityguide #sightseeing
Gondola ride Venice Grand Canal


Day 3



Today the plan was to go to Murano, a collection of islands in the Venice lagoon all linked together by bridges. The morning was gloomy and we had our doubts that the trip would be worthwhile. The journey across on the vaporetto was not a pleasant one. We had already decided that this was going to be a waste of time and once we arrived we would have a quick drink and catch the next ferry back. We disembarked in thick fog and followed the crowd.


How to spend 3 days in Venice. Here’s my 3 day city guide to Venice. #venice #italy #cityguide #sightseeing
Misty Murano

About ten minutes later the fog began to lift and suddenly we were faced with a beautiful town with palazzos, shops and restaurants lining the canals.


How to spend 3 days in Venice. Here’s my 3 day city guide to Venice. #venice #italy #cityguide #sightseeing
Colourful Murano Italy


Murano is known for its beautiful glass. You can see examples of this everywhere you look. One such work is titled “Comet Glass Star” which was created by Simone Cenedese in a workshop on the island. It is made up of 500 elements and 6 colours. I loved it!



How to spend 3 days in Venice. Here’s my 3 day city guide to Venice. #venice #italy #cityguide #sightseeing
Comet Glass Star Murano Italy


After a laid back lunch, it was time to head back to Venice in time to watch the sunset on the lagoon. This was the only evening we were lucky enough to see the sunset, and it didn’t fail to wow us!


How to spend 3 days in Venice. Here’s my 3 day city guide to Venice. #venice #italy #cityguide #sightseeing


We ended the day with cocktails at the iconic Harry‘s Bar, founded in 1931. It’s a fabulous place for just relaxing, and watching what goes on around you. Naturally, we had to have Bellinis, made with white peach puree and prosecco. Did it live up to expectation? Yes, I had a second and probably could have managed a third!


How to spend 3 days in Venice. Here’s my 3 day city guide to Venice. #venice #italy #cityguide #sightseeing
Bellini at Harry’s Bar Venice


Although this was not my first trip to visit Venice in 3 days was a leisurely experience. It meant that nothing was rushed and there was enough time to relax and not feel guilty about taking 2 hours for lunch.

The city is breathtaking and you can’t help but be impressed by it. If you have not visited Venice now is a great time to take a break and head to Italy.


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    • Thanks so much! Everytime you visit Venice it feels different, so glad that I was able to offer some new ideas for you.

  1. I loved Venice earlier and this post made me fall in love with Venice all over again. In Delhi, one of the malls has recreated Venice and i love frequenting it! But your pics and post are incredible… Loved reading it!

    • Thanks so much! Murano is beautiful and well worth a visit if there is time. Isn’t the gondola ride amazing? You feel like a movie star, especially when the gondolier bursts into song!

    • Venice is beautiful. The interior is amazing . The gold is everywhere and it is a stunning sight.

  2. Wow! You take real good photos!
    I’ve never been to any European country but its my plan to visit on 2019. 3days is ok in Venice?

    • Thanks Lee! Europe is amazing. I love it! Yes, I think that 3 days is enough. It gives you downtime as well. If you plan on visiting the Doges Palace for example then book online before you go as it saves a great deal of time in the queue.

  3. Very well spent 3 day! I did some museums too, though not the gondola ride. I loved walking over the little bridges. Itching to go back there again.

    • Sadly I did not have enough time to visit the museums, but then I have an excuse for another visit and you have an excuse because you really do need to ride in a gondola!

  4. I’d like to believe that Venice is calling me because lately I’ve been seeing so many blog posts about it and my friends are also going there, like I know 3 friends of mine who just visited. This happened to me about Japan and then voila, I suddenly scored a sponsored trip to Japan! So yeah maybe the universe is going to give me a surprise, I sure hope so because I really want to go to Venice!

  5. This looks like a perfect 3 days itinerary. We were there recently but only for around 2 days and we had to miss some of these beautiful spots. We do want to return there sometime and spend more time there

  6. We have planned our Europe twice but couldnt make it even once. Hopefully now this or next year. I am already in love with Venice after reading so many posts and seeing pictures of it. The special attraction towards glass and crystal work push me to Murano too.

    • Getting lost in a place is almost the best part for me. You get to see totally different and often unique things.

  7. Is there a bad place in Venice? I just want to go there and just wonder I wouldn’t want to do the touristy things just find my own adventure.

    • Some of the touristy things are iconic, but Venice is a great place to loose yourself.In 3 visits I haven’t yet found anything bad to say about it.

  8. You’ve convinced me to return to Venice – in Winter! It’s become so crowded the rest of the year. So glad your gondola ride was romantically quiet. Such a lovely post and I adore your pictures, fog and all.

  9. Looks like you had a lovely time! There are so many things that I need to go back to do like some hot chocolate at Cafe Florian!

  10. I hadn’t thought about visiting in winter but if the prices are lower then that is a really good idea! I’d heard gondola rides were ridiculously expensive so I hope you got a good deal 🙂

    • We got a great deal! Many of the gondolas are out of the water at that time for repairs so you can negotiate with the ones who are left.


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