There is an old world charm about Budapest that is hard not to like. On a recent trip, I discovered that there is so much more to do than I expected. If you are short of time, with a bit of planning you can cross these places to see in Budapest in 2 days off your list. I had a couple of plans for when I arrived, but that soon changed once I spoke to a few of the locals and got the inside track on what they loved about their city.

The Danube River forms a natural division. In 1873 the cities of Buda (originally from the word for water) and Pest (from the word for furnace or oven) merged to form the city of Budapest.


Places to see in Budapest in 2 days


Discover Castle Hill

Castle hill covers an area of about a kilometre and sits on top of a labyrinth of limestone caves stretching for 28 km formed by the thermal springs. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. The area is filled with pretty cobbled streets, medieval and baroque buildings as well as early 19th century homes.


Buda Castle

The Buda Castle was built in 1265 for the use of the Hungarian kings shortly after the Mongol invasion. After King Matthias married Beatrix of Naples in 1476 a period known as the golden age started. The queen brought artists and craftsmen with her to help beautify the city and make it become an important player in Europe.

The castle survived the 150-year Ottoman occupation and was then claimed by the Hapsburgs for Austria in 1668. They proceeded to tear down the Grand Palace and build a more ornate Baroque palace which stood for 200 years.

During WWII the palace and more than 32 thousand buildings, were destroyed across the city as well as all the bridges over the Danube. These all had to be rebuilt. The exterior is nothing to get excited about, but the interior is better. It now houses the Hungarian National Gallery, the National Archives of Hungary, the Budapest History Museum and the Széchenyi Library.

It is worth the climb up the stairs to the castle for the views if nothing else. If you are feeling lazy there is also a funicular railway called the Sikló, built in 1870 that you can use.


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Funicular railway Budapest


Matthias Church

This was the church used for the coronation of the Hungarian kings for centuries. Throughout the Ottoman Turk rule, it was also used as a mosque.  During a battle to evict the Turks, the church was destroyed and a new one was built on the site. The oldest part of the church dates to the 1300’s. There is a charge of about $5 US to enter the church.


Things to do in Budapest – what to see- what to eat -#cityguide #budapest #travelphotos #hungary #europe #travel #travelblogger #oldcity #foodies #UNESCO #traveltips #destinationguide
Matthias Church



Fisherman’s Bastion

I loved walking around the bastion. It looks like it could have been a medieval version of sleeping beauty’s castle. It is one of the most beautiful parts of the city to admire the views, especially in the early morning when there are not many people around.

It was built between the years 1895 and 1902. If you think that it looks familiar have a look at the Disney logo. Could this be where Disney got his inspiration from?

The 7 towers are representative of the 7 tribes who were instrumental in the founding of Hungary in 895.

There is an entrance fee for the balconies and top turrets, but the lower areas are free.

I was told that it is a favourite spot for brides to have their wedding photos taken and sure enough when I visited there were 2 brides posing to capture the perfect shot.

It is also worth mentioning that the banks of the Danube below are also classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site.


Things to do in Budapest – what to see- what to eat -#cityguide #budapest #travelphotos #hungary #europe #travel #travelblogger #oldcity #foodies #UNESCO #traveltips #destinationguide
Fisherman’s Bastion


Gellért Hill

For another stunning view and yet another UNESCO World Heritage Site make your way to the top of Gellért Hill. It’s particularly popular at sunset.

Budapest’s Statue of Liberty (Szabadság Szobor) stands on the top of the hill and can be seen from all over the city. The statue was erected in 1947 during the Communist rule. Once the communists were ousted all the statues that they had erected were removed. This is the only one that remains.


Things to do in Budapest – what to see- what to eat -#cityguide #budapest #travelphotos #hungary #europe #travel #travelblogger #oldcity #foodies #UNESCO #traveltips #destinationguide
Statue of Liberty (Szabadság Szobor)


The Jewish Quarter

If you fall into the hipster category then you will be in your element exploring District VII on the Pest side of the river. Street food, kosher shops, trendy hotels, street art and of course, the famous ruin bars are found here sitting shoulder to shoulder. If you are not sure what ruin bars are here’s the link to a post of mine explaining the wacky concept.

If it’s street food that you are after then I can vouch for Karavan. The area is filled with food trucks all serving the most delicious things imaginable. Be sure to try the lángos (fried dough). You can choose from a huge selection of toppings.  Lángos is an institution in Budapest, especially after a great night out in the ruin pubs. It might sound strange, but it is really good and inexpensive.


Things to do in Budapest – what to see- what to eat -#cityguide #budapest #travelphotos #hungary #europe #travel #travelblogger #oldcity #foodies #UNESCO #traveltips #destinationguide


Central Synagogue

This synagogue is Europe’s largest and third the largest in the world. It houses the Hungarian Jewish Museum as well as still being in use. The acoustics are remarkable. It’s no wonder that Franz Liszt played at its opening.

On the north side is the Holocaust Tree of Life Memorial in remembrance of those killed by the Nazis and sited on a mass grave. The leaves on the tree are inscribed with some the names of the victims of the Holocaust  It is quite sobering to see, but you should visit it.


Things to do in Budapest – what to see- what to eat -#cityguide #budapest #travelphotos #hungary #europe #travel #travelblogger #oldcity #foodies #UNESCO #traveltips #destinationguide
Holocaust Tree of Life Memorial


Great Market Hall

If it’s budget-friendly, delicious food you’re after then you should visit the market. CNN Travel rates the market as their no 1 choice in Europe and who am I to argue? It’s also a great place to buy souvenirs.

Explore: Visiting the central market


Things to do in Budapest – what to see- what to eat -#cityguide #budapest #travelphotos #hungary #europe #travel #travelblogger #oldcity #foodies #UNESCO #traveltips #destinationguide
Central Market Hall Budapest


Ride the Millennium Metro Line

The oldest metro in Europe can be found in Budapest. When I first saw the old, dated train arriving at the station I was horrified. Then I found out about its history and I was delighted to have had the opportunity to ride on a piece of history. The M1 is even listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site and it is worth the price of a ticket just to experience the ride.


Things to do in Budapest – what to see- what to eat -#cityguide #budapest #travelphotos #hungary #europe #travel #travelblogger #oldcity #foodies #UNESCO #traveltips #destinationguide
Budapest Metro


St. Stephen’s Basilica

A source that I came across recently claims that this is one of the 10 most photographed buildings in the world.  I have no way of verifying this, but it is an attractive building. It is also referred to as Budapest’s cathedral. In case you are wondering where the name came from it is named after the first king of Hungary. Go up into the dome, via a lift, or stairs, for spectacular views of the city.


Things to do in Budapest – what to see- what to eat -#cityguide #budapest #travelphotos #hungary #europe #travel #travelblogger #oldcity #foodies #UNESCO #traveltips #destinationguide
St Stephen’s Basilica



If you are visiting the Basilica you will probably notice an extremely long queue of people just next to it. If you love gelato you have to visit Gelarto Rosa, an artisanal ice cream shop. They use natural flavours and season ingredients and the end result is heavenly! The gelato is not scooped but a spatula is used to make a beautiful rose for you to enjoy. The possibilities are endless and naturally, each rose looks different.


Things to do in Budapest – what to see- what to eat -#cityguide #budapest #travelphotos #hungary #europe #travel #travelblogger #oldcity #foodies #UNESCO #traveltips #destinationguide
Gelarto Rosa



Parliament Buildings

In the 1880’s a contest was held to design a new home for the Hungarian parliament. The winner took his inspiration from the Houses of Parliament in London . Work began in 1885 and was finished in 1902. It is the third largest parliamentary building in the world. You can do a tour of the building but I just walked around the outside of it. It wasn’t on my original list of places to see in Budapest in 2 days, but I thought that I should include it as it is an impressive sight.

Fun fact: There is roughly 20 km of stairs throughout the building. You could get a fabulous workout in your lunchtime with all of those stairs!


Things to do in Budapest – what to see- what to eat -#cityguide #budapest #travelphotos #hungary #europe #travel #travelblogger #oldcity #foodies #UNESCO #traveltips #destinationguide

Szechenyi Chain Bridge

The bridge opened in 1849 linking the two sides of the city and was the first bridge across the Danube. At the time it was also the largest suspension bridge in Europe.

Look out for the lions guarding the bridge. A popular story told is that the lions have no tongues and the sculptor on discovering this threw himself into the Danube and drowned. The sculptor became so tired of hearing this he is believed to have said something like this “They do indeed have tongues! It’s just that they are inside their mouths, for they are not hounds panting in the sun, with their tongues lolling out!”  If you look at them from street level you can see the tongues.


Things to do in Budapest – what to see- what to eat -#cityguide #budapest #travelphotos #hungary #europe #travel #travelblogger #oldcity #foodies #UNESCO #traveltips #destinationguide
Chain Bridge


Thermal Baths

The city has 125 springs that provide therapeutic waters for dozens of thermal baths. There are more than enough different types of baths for you to choose from. The largest and the most famous is Széchenyi, which has 15 baths and 3 swimming pools for your enjoyment. Another thermal bathhouse, famed for its Art Nouveau decoration and Roman styled columns is Gellért Baths which has been around since 1918.

The baths also offer extra treatments like massages, pedicures and spa treatments like a red wine bath. Yup and it really is in wine! You should specify any additional treatments when you buy your ticket.

If wine doesn’t rock your boat how about beer? This treatment is a blend of the components of a beer mixed with the water, You can also drink as much local beer as you like during the spa. It’s quite a wacky idea, but it is rather special.

There is also an etiquette involved when you visit. If you are planning a visit, or fancy an older or smaller bath here is a list of some of the better ones as well as the dos and donts in the baths.


Things to do in Budapest – what to see- what to eat -#cityguide #budapest #travelphotos #hungary #europe #travel #travelblogger #oldcity #foodies #UNESCO #traveltips #destinationguide
Széchenyi, Thermal Bath


Let them eat cake!

If you have a sweet tooth then you must try some of the delicious creations on offer throughout the city. Tourists seem to head to the New York Cafe supposedly the most beautiful cafe in the world. I was told by a local that there was a much better spot, the Cafe Gerbeaud so naturally, I had to go and check it out. I’ll let the photo tell the story.


Places to see in Budapest in 2 days– what to see- what to eat -#cityguide #budapest #travelphotos #hungary #europe #travel #travelblogger #oldcity #foodies #UNESCO #traveltips #destinationguide
Cafe Gerbeaud


Well, there you have it!  You now won’t be short of ideas on what to do in Budapest when you’re there. Of course, there are loads of other things to do that I haven’t really touched on, but for me, these constitute the main sights and things to do in the city and you can really only scratch the surface in a couple of action-packed days.

Have fun at the amazing Ruin Bars 

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    • The day I planned to spend time there was overcast and drizzly. There were no tables outside so I only stopped briefly. I was hoping to have a leisurely lunch in the sun so I just had to change my plans 🙂

  1. The Parliament Building is the most iconic, and its the one you end up seeing in most posts about Budapest, but it also means that we end up thinking that it is pretty much the only thing to see there. I love that funicular railway going to the castle, I’d probably take that instead of the stairs, not only because I am lazy but also because its cute! Also, the fisherman’s bastion and central synagogue look pretty cool! I am more than happy to stand in the queue for a gelato at Gelarto Rosa, it looks great!

  2. Wonderful guide! Budapest looks like something I would enjoy with my family in spring or summer. The medieval bridge looks great. And I can picture my daughter on that cute funicular.

  3. Your post has all the reasons for me to get to Budapest. When I first started blogging, I wrote a post on why I need to visit it with exactly these reasons. I am fascinated by Buda Castle and Fisherman’s bastion the most. I loved reading about that. I hope that someday i can get to it.

    • I will definitely read your post. The Fishermans Bastion is really quite amazing. There is also a restaurant there to admire the views. I am so pleased that you enjoyed the post and I hope that you are able to see the beautiful sights in Budapest one day.

  4. Budapest is gorgeous. I have been eyeing Budapest as a winter destination for ages. Would you recommend Budapest in winter? The Thermal Baths look like such a relaxing way of spending your vacation. Matthias Church is so striking! Love the architecture. And the cake is the cherry on top.

    • Budapest would be great in winter. In fact, I am considering another visit there over Xmas. The feel of the city changes, but I am sure that it will be just as lovely. It is a great city to walk around as well so you can see the main sights quite easily. Oh… and there is a lot more cake to try 🙂

  5. Yes the perfect reasons for going to Budapest. I was not aware of the story of their statue of liberty. I saw it from far, couldn’t get anywhere near to that. We drove through the Chain bridge several times however the regret remains that I did not walk over it.

    • I also love the feel of the old town streets in Eastern Europe. Wandering around, almost aimlessly is something that I do often and I am never disappointed. I always find something of interest along the way.

  6. There are so many wonderful sights and experiences waiting in Budapest. Budapest and other parts of eastern Europe have been sitting on our bucket list for long. Budapest is another one of those European cities that has a delectable old world charm. The Palace is one place we would love to visit. The old Funicular another thing that attracts us. Just strolling around the lovely streets and taking in the sights is nothing short of exhilaration in Budapest.

    • I also just love wandering through the streets. I love the way old and new seem to blend seamlessly. It’s one of those cities that you really can’t help falling in love with.

  7. We were in Budapest last summer and this summer I have relived the experience through this article:)
    When we went to the Castle hill it was pouring and next day when we went to the Hero’s square it was a blistering heat!
    I am told the lake next to Hero’s square freezes in Winter is converted to one of the biggest Ice-Skating rink.

    • I can imagine Budapest must be magical in winter and have a totally different feel to it. You won’t find me on the ice though, but I will happily watch everyone else 🙂

  8. I’ve always wanted to visit Budapest! And, now even more so! I had no idea there were so many incredibly ornate structures like the Fisherman’s Bastion.

  9. Budapest looks so lovely! I want to visit for the architecture. It’s a shame so many buildings were destroyed over the years, but it’s good to hear many were rebuilt. I’d also want to try Lángos , with a bunch of Nutella! lol


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