The street food in Bangkok never ceases to amaze me.  I know the city pretty well, but this time I wanted a different experience. I wanted local knowledge to guide me to the best morsels and hidden secrets in town.  I needed to find something that was new and exciting that would surprise me. With that in mind, I arranged a Bangkok food tour with A Chef’s Tour, where your guide is a chef.


If you are looking for the best food tour in Bangkok then look no further. #bangkok #foodie #thailand


Chinatown comes alive at night and there is no doubt in my mind that it is the perfect place to experience some of the best street food Bangkok has to offer. As you walk along the streets there are hundreds of vendors cooking up a storm. Where do you start? What’s good? What’s the best because you only have limited time available?

Over the years I have learnt that just because it is on the main road doesn’t mean that it’s good. The hidden alleyways offer up some gems. This is where the locals go and without them, you would never find these vendors.


If you are looking for the best food tour in Bangkok then look no further. #bangkok #foodie #thailand
Bangkok Chinatown


About the chef

I met Chef Nutth under the gateway that marks the entrance to Chinatown in the late afternoon. He not only is a chef but is a passionate foodie as well. His restaurant is around 200 km away from the city. He is so dedicated to sharing his knowledge and his passion that he makes a round trip of 400 km each day. I was speechless when I heard this. You really have to love what you do to be prepared to travel all that distance to share your knowledge with guests for a couple of hours. Over the course of the evening, I began to understand why he does this. His enthusiasm was infectious.

Many of the places we stopped at are no different from any other. When I asked him how he decided where we stopped his reply was that he had eaten at many of these places with his father as a young boy. No further explanation was needed.


If you are looking for the best food tour in Bangkok then look no further. #bangkok #foodie #thailand
The Chef


This is no ordinary tour

Luke and Alex are the brains and developed the concept of the tour. They are hands-on and passionate about food. Nothing is left to chance. They have tasted and tried all the same food that you will be enjoying during the tour. Average is just not good enough. It has to be exceptional to make the grade and I can vouch for the fact that they have achieved their goal.


More about the Chef’s Bangkok Food Tour

The tour lasts roughly 4 hours. During this time you will explore the labyrinth of streets in Chinatown and end on Yaowarat Road. You will also try 17 different dishes so arrive with a healthy appetite to do justice to the food.

The tour is dynamic and constantly changes. This gives it a fresh approach rather than like some other tours that I have been on where you feel like you are in a sausage machine. Vendors are not around on certain days and seasonal food plays a huge role in the choices for the evening.


If you are looking for the best food tour in Bangkok then look no further. #bangkok #foodie #thailand
Vendor endorsement sticker

Learn more about local ingredients

As we wandered through the streets Chef Nutth asked us if we knew what certain ingredients were. Many of them were quite different and mostly Chinese, seeing as we were in Chinatown. Some of the more interesting ones were dried fish stomach, birds’ nests and a huge variety of herbs and flowers used in teas. He patiently explained how they were prepared as well. We passed a wet market and a local fresh produce market as well, but as it was late in the day the market was closing up. This is the market that chefs in the area head to for their fresh produce so there is no doubt about the freshness of the ingredients.

I love fruit and have tried almost all the fruit available at different times of the year, but when we stopped at a stall one came as a bit of a surprise. I ask Chef Nutth about it and he promptly bought some for us to try. Once again this demonstrated a kindness and the enjoyment he has when it comes to enlightening us on Thai food. It turned out that the fruit was longans and was a bit like a lychee and was most enjoyable.


If you are looking for the best food tour in Bangkok then look no further. #bangkok #foodie #thailand
Asian Fruit


Some of the highlights

I am not going to tell you about everything that we tasted because that would spoil the fun. Suffice it to say that there was only one item that I was not too crazy about, fish maw, which is a delicacy. The main reason for not liking it was that I am not overly fond of sauces that are heavily thickened with corn flour. The rest of the items that we tasted were fabulous.


Mussels and Morning Glory

We made our way to a restaurant that was not only noisy but very busy as well which is always a good sign. A huge bowl of mussels arrived at the table, steamed with loads of lemongrass. It was served with a side order of morning glory and soy sauce.

Morning Glory is one of my favourite vegetable in SE Asia. The leaves are wilted while the stems remain crunchy. It is also sometimes called water spinach in English. It grows in moist soil or water and is relatively easy to grow. It is worth trying if it’s something you haven’t eaten before.


If you are looking for the best food tour in Bangkok then look no further. #bangkok #foodie #thailand
Mussels and morning glory


Chinese Chive Dumplings

The vendor who makes these makes just this one dish and has been making it for years and years. This is so often the case with street food. The recipes are handed down through the generations. They are not tweaked, or modernized or made to look trendy and the recipe does not change.  The dumplings were light as air and were little flavour bombs.


If you are looking for the best food tour in Bangkok then look no further. #bangkok #foodie #thailand
Street food vendor


Ice cream

This might seem like an off thing to talk about, but it was a revelation. The cream was quite ordinary, but the topping was sensational. It is only available in one spot in Bangkok. Would you believe it if I told you that it was made from soy sauce? Not just any soy, but reduced and sweetened. Another version was a salted caramel soy. It was utterly delicious. The sweet and salty notes added to the creaminess of the ice cream were a match made in heaven. I could not resist buying some of this to take back home.


If you are looking for the best food tour in Bangkok then look no further. #bangkok #foodie #thailand
Ice Cream Sauces


If I had done the tour on my first night in the city I would have been back every night for more of these airy treats. The sad thing was that the stall was just a little way away from my hotel and I didn’t know about it. It just goes to show that local knowledge is so important.

Back to the doughnuts. Its local name is Pa Tong Go and naturally, it originates in China. It is deep fried and crispy, but light. You can choose from a condensed milk topping or a pandan coconut custard. The pandan custard was totally moreish. I later learnt that the vendor has been included in the Michelin Guide which is really quite an achievement.


If you are looking for the best food tour in Bangkok then look no further. #bangkok #foodie #thailand
Chinese doughnuts


If you are looking for an insight into real street food and not the ordinary tourist version then A Chef ‘s Tour is perfect for you. The numbers on the tour are kept small to keep it on a personal basis. All I can say is that if you are a foodie then this is the only Bangkok food tour to consider.

You can book your tour directly on A Chef’s Tour website.


Disclosure: I was hosted by A Chef’s tour, but naturally these views expressed are my own.

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The Ultimate Bangkok Food Tour
The Ultimate Bangkok Food Tour
A chefs tour in Bangkok
A chefs tour in Bangkok


  1. Bangkok street food rocks to insane levels Janine. We have our fave little street stall by Khao San Road. Mixed veggie and green curry with rice for 40 Baht. What a steal. Always fresh, hygienic, delightful. You cannot beat it. Much of SE Asia comes in second as far as cuisine to Thailand, although Vietnam and Malaysia do rock as well.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂


    • I LOVE the food throughout SE Asia. It has such fresh flavours that we don’t see in western cuisine. I would be hard-pressed to choose between Thai and Vietnamese food because I enjoy both of them. I do, however, crave that chilli hit of a good Thai curry when I haven’t eaten it for a while. It’s addictive! Fortunately, there is a fabulous Thai restaurant a block away from where I live so I can get my fix.

  2. Oh gosh. I had an overnight layover in Bangkok in September and managed to squeeze in a Thai seafood dinner. Food in Bangkok is so good I want to go back now. I drool over the food you picture here. I want to go on that Chef’s Tour!

  3. Having a good local guide makes all of the difference in a city like Bangkok. If he is a chef, all the better. We spent about a month in Thailand, and one week of it was a guided tour by an ex Thai chef. The food we had there blew our minds. It’s fascinating how hard it was to replicate this on our own. The only other food that came close was listening to our hotel’s advice about where to go for crab curry. It was just a little store in a shopping center that we would have never looked twice at but the food was outstanding. A good guide goes a long way.

    • A good guide makes such a difference and just ramps up the entire experience. I find that even if you have exactly the same recipe there always seems to be something that is not quite the same as it was in Thailand. I always ask for local recommendations for food and 99 times out of a hundred they are really good. As you have said, I probably would have walked straight past them.

  4. My goodness – i was drooling from the very first picture. What a clever idea – to use an enthusiastic chef to guide the tour. I think I’d be staying at the doughnut stall!

  5. I would definitely do this next time I visit Bangkok. I usually just DIY Food tour previously but I find it more expensive since some vendors try to knock us off plus we sometimes do not know what we’re eating haha! Joining a well trusted food tour is now one of my priorities when I travel to make the experience more worth it!

    • I relate to that as well. It can be an issue when you have no idea of what you really should be paying for something. Some people can be quite unscrupulous and a good tour can make the experience so much more enjoyable.

  6. Oh my gosh, this tour looks perfect for me. I love street food, so being able to get the low down from a local who is also a chef is a dream. And those doughnuts – I can see why Michelin were involved – they look divine!

  7. I’d absolutely love to go on this tour! The ice cream and dumplings look delicious. I think a tour is one of the best ways to taste the local cuisine that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

    • It was really interesting and I would never have tried the ice cream. I doubt that I would have found it and secondly, I can’t read Thai so I would have had no idea what they were advertising 🙂

  8. I love food tours and we currently have our own in Athens, Greece! 17 different dishes are so many and since we are talking about Bangkok, they should all be delicious. Especially these deep-fried doughnuts seem so yummy!

  9. Bangkok is such a vibrant city with so many sights and experiences to savour. Food is of course one of the top draws there and especially street food. This food tour sounds unique in that it is based on the best food outlets that they have selected based on years of experience. I also love the fact that it is dynamic which will ensure that the trip never gets jaded. The icecream, doughnuts and Chinese Chive dumplings really look irresistible. It is great that they retain their original and authentic recipes without changing them.

    • The fact that the recipes are old and authentic and have not changed in years really appeals to me as well. Understanding the stories behind the food was interesting and made it a memorable evening.

  10. I love food tours. I think this would be a great one to take. I wouldn’t know what food to even begin trying. Plus it would be nice to know what exactly it was I was getting ready to eat.

  11. This is a great tour for foodies… I ain’t one but I definitely relish trying out the dishes. I do agree it is a good way to know the culture of a place. I have always loved the variety in Bangkok, especially the fruits and that bit is something in this tour that I would love too

  12. I found your post at just the right time! We will be in Bangkok next week and I had already signed up for a different food tour. However, they just emailed me last night and told me they didn’t have a docent and wouldn’t be able to accommodate our tour after all. I happened across your post and signed up for A Chef’s Tour instead! I’m so excited!!! Thank you 🙂

    • It is a fabulous tour, Carrie. You will love it! Just arrive hungry as there sooooo much to eat. Please have an extra portion of those divine doughnuts for me and enjoy Bangkok. 🙂


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